H-Town native Triple X 2000 began his pursuit and interests in the music industry as an artist, writer and producer of his own unique genre that he calls “ Aggressive Pop” that is attracting some attention from the masses and his peers on the internet and around town locally. TripleX 2000 was born and raised in Houston, Texas where as young as 13 years old, he began singing and having some influences by some of the biggest legends in music history. Some of the different artists he felt the most influenced by are Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, The Isley Brothers, Micheal Jackson, Prince, George Micheal, Bob Marley and Rick James. Triple X 2000 has also been influenced by some of today’s most notable music stars such as Andre 3000, Knarls Barkley, Lenny Kravitz, The Black Eye Peas and Sananda Maitreya to name a few.

Being a perfectionist also has influenced his diverse style that has him not being restricted or confined to the latest conventional mainstream music of today. He introduces his own genre called “Aggressive Pop” that is formulated as a edgy hard hitting pop with an infusion of hip- hop with an R&B feel that also adds a shade of other genres to compliment the sound to give it an undeniable cross-over appeal to satisfy the masses.

Besides being on the creative side, Triple X 2000 also has equally the same interests on the business side of the music industry as owner of his Get In Da Groove Music Publishing Company and is also a member of ASCAP and BMI , producing and writing all of his own material for independent releases. Triple X 2000 is now preparing to release his debut album, The Triple X Effect, which underlies his aspects on life, sex and political issues that has affected and influenced his writing over recent years.

Mostly all that have listened to Triple X 2000’s music can agree that he is definitely not an assimilation of what other artist of today’s standards have become, and some believe that his music may be part of the movement of change in the music industry.




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    The Fun Factory

    TripleX2000 will be appearing live at The Fun Factory in Houston December 19th 2015. The show starts at 10pm

    10:00:00 PM


  • TripleX2000 will be releasing his long awaited Limited Edition EP titled "The Radio Singles" which will be featuring all the fan favorite tracks like "Let ya self go" Secrets(Bedroom Confessions) as well as the mega popular "Shake It" which would be followed up with selected performances in some Houston venues.

    Pre-Orders are available

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